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MediaGeniX: Channel replication for WHATS’On

Broadcasters looking to centralise their global channel scheduling are the targets for a new software module from Belgium’s MediaGeniX. ‘Replica Channels’ allows multiple versions of a linear channel to be created that include the same programme content, rights depending, but have configurable local audio, promos, advertising, languages, subtitling, frame rates and other variants, from within a single application.

Uniquely, each copy of the channel is linked to the original via what the company compares to an ‘umbilical chord’, allowing content changes at the parent level to cascade down to child channels that are linked to it.

MediaGeniX product director Michel Beke told The IBC Daily: “The trend we are seeing is that the same channels are being exploited more and more with derived channels broadcast to different countries or time zones.

Because it is virtually all the same content, instead of having a channel in every country, broadcasters are now centralising. If they do that [using our system] they can maintain multiple flavours of a channel within one application.

It is a further step for stations to economise on their operational costs.”

Replica Channels will be made available as a module within MediaGeniX’s multi-user broadcast management software WHATS’On, which also includes tools for content and rights management, analytics and finance, VoD and media management.