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Matthews Studio Equipment:

MSE has introduced a simple, sturdy and lightweight sliding camera platform: MatthewsSlider. “It’s the open construction that makes our new slider stand out,” explained Robert Kulesh, Matthews’ VP sales and marketing.

“MSE designed it to be both camera operator and grip friendly. As long as it is kept clean, it is virtually maintenance free. And it is totally field adjustable with few basic tools.”

MatthewsSlider can work upside-down for low-angle shots, can support more than one carriage at a time for A-camera and B-camera shots, and has positive lock at 90º when in use on most dollies. Each carriage can support up to 80kg (bracing of track might be necessary depending on the length). The proprietary wheels with Abec5 stainless bearings and ceramic balls make it fast and quiet.

It comes in four basic sizes: 74cm, 89cm, 114cm, and 178cm. “We can also custom any slider to the user’s specifications,” added Kulesh. It can be fashioned in increments of 12cm between cross members up to 266cm.

The slider can accept any gear head/fluid head/camera combination, and the package includes a Mitchell swivel base and Mitchell carriage, as well as Mitchell 5cm risers, filter plate, slim design locking handle, a set of levelling legs, and extras.