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Smartphone shooters land Rover

Rover is a new professional camera cage for smartphones that has been designed to provide a comfortable ergonomic position, so that hands and arms stay relaxed and the camera movement remains smooth and steady.

Integrated dual handles connect to unique Perfect Friction mounts that can instantly adjust to any point of 360º rotation without additional tension adjustment or locks. This allows the handles to become a natural extension of the body, and they double as easel arms for low angle shooting, tabletop viewing or editing.

“Whether you’re a YouTube creator, mobile journalist or aspiring cinematographer, the ongoing challenge has been in transforming a smartphone into a professional-style camera rig,” said Bill Hines, Rover’s creator. “We aimed for a minimalist design that is strong and comfortable yet versatile enough to work with most smartphones, lenses, microphones, lights and other accessories.”

For flexibility, the $299 Rover has 16 points of freedom, which are industry-standard ¼-20 screw mounts for customising and accessorising the rig. Combined with MSE’s MicroGrip hardware it can be mounted almost anywhere (rails, windows, trees, cars, etc). It has an adjustable cold shoe mount for microphones and lights.