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Liquid-cooled, multi-standard transmitter

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The Series 5000 Transmitter is newly available from Plisch, with Doherty technology, IP seamless switching and an integrated pump unit.

The company claimed the liquid-cooled transmitter offers a unique, compact design with the highest power density per square metre.

Key features include a multi-standard exciter for DVB-T/-T2/Lite, DAB/DMB, ISDB-T/TB and ATSC, and 1500W digital power per liquid cooled power amplifier, with redundant power supplies. Up to six transmitters with 3kW COFDM can be stored in one 19-inch rack.

It also offers a GUI with 12-inch touchpad, single or dual drive configuration, an active reserve with 3dB release, and customer-specified reserve systems available on request.