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LEDs Highlight benefits of remote phosphors

The new Highlight LED lighting range from Photon Beard uses remote phosphor technology that promises CRI and Television Lighting Consistency Index ratings in the high 90s for both 3200K and 5600K colour temperature variants.

“The Highlight LED range delivers the genuine power-saving advantages of LED to lighting rigs but with no compromise on light quality,” claimed Photon Beard’s MD, Peter Daffarn. “By directing more of the light to where it’s needed, very much like a fluorescent fixture, the Highlight LED retains the appropriate level of softness while maximising efficiency.”

The Highlight LEDs are available in 90W, 180W, 270W and 360W variants, which relate directly to 2-, 4-, 6-, and 8-tube fluorescents, “but deliver far more punch and none of the unnatural spinning tones that typical LED fixtures tend to produce”.

They use no moving parts and are passively cooled, which should improve reliability, which is why each fixture has a full five-year warranty for both quantity and quality of light. Also, thanks to the fixture’s modular design, all models can be supported with a minimum number of spare light modules for easy replacement on location, while the tungsten and daylight semi-tubular polycarbonate phosphor panels take about 30 seconds to switch (other colour temperature versions are also promised).