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Last-mile localisation and monetisation for DTT delivery

In today’s ultra-competitive media landscape, monetising content and generating new revenue from existing content assets is something every broadcaster must consider. Television remains the most effective means of engaging audiences and DTT free-to-air still dominates the broadcast and content delivery landscape. According to the recent Global TV Advertising Survey from PWC, “Terrestrial TV is the primary contributor to advertising revenues.”

There’s no doubt that the world of content delivery is now a rapidly shifting landscape. IP, OTT, DTO (download-to-own) and mobile content access are pushing into the mainstream in developed markets and a growing option across many other regions. However, before we write off traditional broadcast television, it’s worth remembering that for the vast majority around the world, IP is still at best another part of our fragmented delivery world and not the primary way that television content is received.

Tried and trusted broadcast delivery – whether that be analogue or digital satellite, cable or terrestrial – continues to dominate in large swathes of the world. In the free-to-air arena, digital terrestrial stands alone as the most effective delivery method now and moving forwards, especially when regional content is required. This offers a powerful opportunity for broadcasters to generate additional revenues.

According to a July 2013 report from Digital TV Research, the number of homes receiving DTT signals will more than double between 2013 and 2018 to 553 million globally. The number of primary DTT homes (those not subscribing to cable, IPTV or satellite and using DTT on their main set) will also double over that period to 380 million. And half of the content is coming from regional TV channels.

Enensys has responded to this opportunity with its new AdsEdge solution. It has been designed from the ground up to enable broadcasters to maximise this opportunity and more effectively monetise their content.

An innovative approach to local video content management, it allows additional revenue to be generated via the insertion of local content, (adverts, news and weather forecasts, etc.) at the final stage of DTT delivery. These services can then be better monetised by targeting specific regional audiences and enables the step-by-step regional deployment of local ads and content.

AdsEdge is based on SCTE 35 markers and enables locally targeted content to be inserted at the edge of the content delivery process – at the transmitter site – within a DTT Single Frequency Network (SFN) environment. The system is fully deterministic, which means it can handle the usual constraints of having the same content on the same frequency at the same time, vital with the predominance of SFN networks.

SFN services have to be byte-accurate to prevent interference – exactly the same content at exactly the same time on exactly the same frequency.

The system can be used with any terrestrial network, including DVB-T, DVB-T2, ISDB-T. It is supported by Enensys’ HDc chassis platform.