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IPTV beyond the LAN

A new enterprise IPTV portfolio called ‘Beyond the LAN’, that is designed to enable broadcasters, production houses and proAV specialists to stream content to a wide range of devices, is being showcased by Exterity.

The company said the products extend the distribution of live and premium TV and video so that end users can view content on any preferred device, wherever they are.

At IBC, the company will demonstrate how ‘Beyond the LAN’ products can make any TV and video streams available over an organisation’s LAN, wireless network, wireless area network and the internet.

Colin Farquhar, CEO of Exterity, said, “With 24/7 global news impacting businesses today, more and more organisations are deploying Exterity video over IP systems to distribute live TV throughout their facilities.

Our systems can scale to support large numbers of channels and multiple end user devices without compromising system performance, flexibility or network availability.”

Addressing what it described as a recurring issue in the industry, Exterity said it would also be showing broadcasters, media operators and content providers how their content can be fully protected as it is distributed across their corporate network.

This includes integration of advanced conditional access systems to limit access to content solely to those with the right to do so.

Meanwhile built-in DRM from ArrisSecure Media and other standards-based security technologies aims to ensure that organisations meet the increasingly stringent content protection demands of broadcasters and content owners.