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IP is interoperable partnership

Panasonic and Grass Valley have announced a partnership working on IP-based production. “Video over IP will reduce system costs, allow easier installation, and assist the transition to 4K and 8K,” said Kunihiko Miyagi, director of Panasonic’s Professional AV Business Unit, who thinks system flexibility is the most important benefit.

“Interoperability is essential for our customers to get all the gains out of improved workflows,” added Chuck Meyer, CTO production, Grass Valley.

“We see video over IP working alongside conventional systems, such as SDI, but offering increasing convenience and operability and decreasing installation costs,” said Miyagi.

“We have SMPTE 2022, but it doesn’t do time synchronisation, or handle compressed video, and can’t send video, audio and control data separately,” explained Junya Suzuki, software engineer, Panasonic Imaging Development Centre.

“Other factors, such as codecs, synchronisation, identification, registration, discovery and connection management are required for professional networked media. Each of them must be a common implementation for a truly interoperable system,” added Grass Valley’s senior VP, strategic marketing, Mike Cronk.

Panasonic is concentrating on ensuring its cameras work with IP, including a built-in module for its new studio cameras, and is demonstrating a Varicam working with a Grass Valley K2 server, sending 4K 50p via a network connection. However, while the infrastructure is important, Suzuki believes giving customers what they expect is the priority, and is looking for feedback at IBC.,, 9.C45/1.D11