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IoT: an operator opportunity?

Will the Internet of Things become an everyday reality? And: can anyone make money from it? Gregory Wieczorek, president and general director of Neotion, believes the answer to both is “yes”. Wieczorek believes the so-called ‘smart home’ is an opportunity for operators.

“We have innovative technologies that can provide operators with new ways of driving new revenue streams from subscribers,” he said. “Pay-TV on its own is unlikely to allow operators to achieve their desires in terms of monetising the user base – but becoming the preferred provider of other in-home systems can help them do that.”

He believes that operators are viewed as a trusted source to whom consumers will happily turn for a range of connected home services including, perhaps, monitoring – and that connected homes are a natural extension of an operator’s business. This could be via an existing set-top box or a second box.

He notes that security in an IoT world is an issue that needs to be addressed – but points out that this is a core competency for Neotion that can give the company competitive advantage in a crowded market.

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