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Infinity AoIP goes beyond talkback

The introduction of the new Infinity IP Intercom promises to disrupt a critical segment of the broadcast industry, said Telos at a Friday press event. Promising a quantum leap in scalability, ease of integration, efficiency and total cost of ownership, the company said the Infinity is the first in a series of products that represent a complete reimagining of broadcast communications.

“Telos Infinity IP Intercom unleashes the full potential of a distributed IP audio infrastructure,” said Martin Dyster, VP of business development, TV Solutions Group.

“You can access any networked audio endpoint through our Telos Infinity Dashboard software and make it available wherever you need it – internally or on-air.

And, because it natively supports Livewire+AES67, it seamlessly connects with our own AoIP products as well as those from other supporting manufacturers.”

It replaces matrix technology with a distributed IP network that provides superior functionality in a simplified, more elegant form, said Telos. Being matrix-free allows plug-and-play networked hardware and software devices to be added to the system as part of a planned ad-hoc change without ever worrying about exceeding the number of available ports on a matrix.

It also easily integrates into existing analogue, AES, SDI, and MADI systems using Telos Alliance xNode baseband-to-IP interfaces and other AES67 partner devices providing a means by which customers wishing to retain their existing audio infrastructure can still use the system.