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Immersive audio: from big screen to smaller

For some of us – of a certain age – it seems like only yesterday that 5.1 Dolby Surround Sound was introduced, but the reality is that it was 40 years ago and the difference it made to cinema-going was totally dramatic.

Dolby Labs used the technology on movies such as Superman and Apocalypse Now and over the past 20 years Dolby and DTS have made Digital 5.1 commonplace in multiplexes and in the home. Today’s cinemas are now embracing Immersive Audio at a significant rate.

With hundreds of cinema auditoriums equipped, well over 100 feature films mixed with an Immersive Audio soundtrack, and with moves already underway in the broadcast, home cinema, and mobile spaces, is immersive audio disrupting the established de facto standard surround format of 5.1?

This panel, chaired by Julian Pinn, is drawn the leading technology providers such as Auro Technologies, Barco, Dolby, and DTS, and they’ll explain their solutions for cinema, broadcast, home cinema and mobile. We will also discuss the industry endeavour to provide meaningful interoperability and standardisation.

There will also be breathtaking demonstrations using the IBC2014 Big Screen Experience immersive audio system from Dolby Atmos. Finally, IBC attendees can expect the Big Screen Monday night movie, Dawn of the Planet of the Apes, to be shown using Immersive Audio for you to completely experience the next generation of sound.