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Illumina S35 lenses go anamorphic

To extend the usefulness of its seven Illumina S35 prime lenses, Luma Tech Illumina S35Illumina S35 has a new anamorphic adapter, so that users don’t have to buy a complete set up new lenses to shoot anamorphic.

It offers a maximum aperture with a T1.3 lens (as five of the S35 lenses are) of a still fast T1.9 and has a squeeze factor of 1.3x, which is specifically designed to make a 2.39:1 image fit a 16:9 sensor. The adapter will be available for lenses with a focal length of 35mm and above (which only leaves out the 14mm T1.8 S35 lens).

The adapter does add an extra 2kg to the weight of the lens, and has an outside front diameter of 120mm.

Luma Tech also offers uncoated front elements for the basic set (18, 25, 35, 50 and 85mm) of Illumina S35 lenses, for users who want a dreamy vintage look associated with old lenses made before the advent of modern anti-reflection coatings. Any experienced lens technician can adapt the lenses, which can be changed back again afterwards.