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Huge deployment of IPTV STBs

Having announced that it is working with Deutsche Telekom Group on an ambitious project to modernise the TV subscriber experience in Germany, Zenterio is using IBC to discuss the implications of one of the market’s largest deployments of IPTV set-top boxes.

Deutsche Telekom is transforming the customer experience with international rollouts ongoing in Greece, Romania and Croatia. Powered by Zenterio OS, the first commercial launch in Germany is said to represent a major milestone. The deployment is part of a new Deutsche Telekom offer for an entry-level IPTV subscription package, providing around 100 TV channels, including 22 in HD quality, from just €2 per month.

Jörgen Nilsson, CEO of Zenterio, said: “In today’s highly competitive market, the customer experience is all important. Viewing habits are changing incredibly quickly as more screens are added to the mix and on-demand services become increasingly intuitive.

We’re incredibly proud to be working with Deutsche Telekom to empower the TV operator to drive better TV experiences.”

Zenterio OS is a platform for set-top boxes from entry level to high end, designed to return control to the operator with full software independence on client devices.

The operating system supports a feature set that the company claimed will deliver advanced data collection and intelligent backend integration with any set-top box model across different countries, vendors and ecosystems.