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Highlight for sports automation

Automatic highlight generation is one of the key features in the new generation of automated sports production tool Lemur.

Using algorithms, the system identifies game highlights, such as baskets scored, in real time and then, seconds after half time starts or the game ends, compiles these game sequences, together with replays from different angles, into highlight reels. Highlight reels can be made available through web portals or mobile applications, with share options for fans.

Pixellot’s video analytics layer is also at the base of the Lemur Auto-Director. When breaks or idle time are identified, this displays pre-defined banner ads. The Auto-Director also includes feeds from various angles for a multi-cam experience.

Alon Werber, CEO, Pixellot, said: “The new Lemur is a quantum leap towards fully automated sports production that provides a rich, TV-like viewing experience.

The highlight generator is particularly interesting to summarise amateur games with their sometimes slower pace, while the ability to display banner ads enables clubs to generate revenues beyond traditional sponsorship.”

Gal Oz, company CTO, added: “Until now, auto-tracking just followed the flow of play, but the new Lemur version deploys deep-learning networks to understand different game situations.

This is what enables the system to combine feeds from multiple cameras, insert graphics and create game summaries, as if a director had produced the video.”