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Medway supports 4K

At IBC, Marquis Broadcast is demonstrating the 4K capability of its workflow interoperability system Medway. Additionally, it is extending Medway’s automation capabilities to support S3 cloud storage, meaning that when using Medway in broadcast workflows, these can be linked to private or public cloud services.

S3 support also means that Marquis can provide partial file retrieval from the cloud. The benefit of this, in sports for instance, is that it is possible to pull a ten-second highlight from a 90-minute game.

“Medway integrates more than 30 best-of-breed broadcast systems,” reported Chris Steele, managing director, Marquis Broadcast.

“Using 4K could require eight times more edit storage space than HD and so offline work has become necessary.

Medway generates an HD ‘mezzanine’ format of the required content for editing, then when the editor is ready to switch to 4K, Medway trims the 4K files to only the used frames with handles and delivers to the edit storage.”