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Ghost in the machine

Demonstrating its new features on the Calrec stand is the RP1 Remote Production Unit. The company said it addresses an increasingly prevalent requirement for high-quality content from remote events which cannot always justify the time or expense of sending dedicated resources.

RP1 consists of a 2U core that contains an integrated FPGA-based DSP, enabling a console surface at another facility to control all mixing functionality. The RP1 core manages all of the processing for IFB routing and remote monitor mixes, and it does so locally with no latency. This level of integration and remote control makes it simple for any remote mix engineer to set up IFB mixes and eradicates any delay for remote listeners or presenters, said Calrec.

The RP1 core quickly embeds audio into existing video-transport mechanisms, while its modular I/O backbone accepts any of Calrec’s I/O cards. This versatility means the RP1 can connect via analogue, AES, MADI, SDI, and the latest AoIP solutions such as AES67, Ravenna and Dante.

At IBC2017, Calrec is introducing a suite of new features on the RP1: including a 2-band filter and 4-band EQ, expander and gate facilities, compressor and sidechain EQ facilities, direct output for all remote faders (up to 5.1 wide), and remote aux sends via Calrec Assist.