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Getting Creative about the enterprise

Creative Studio is a new fully integrated video capture and streaming system for conference room applications. Users can shoot HD or UHD video with either a PTZ or a robotic camera, with prompting, recording and monitoring of both audio and video, and storage for post production.

It also offers simultaneous streaming to any number of internal or external distribution sites including Facebook, YouTube and Wowza. Production templates help users to position lights and backdrops to increase the professional look of their videos.

Also new is Core, a cloud-based system that enables users to stream to multiple online video platforms.

It also allows for archiving of video in the cloud and monitoring video streams in real time. A web interface provides drag-and-drop setup for creating source, destination and output channels.

Core allows encoder and decoder setup to pass through firewalls, eliminating IT involvement. It is a monthly service available as an add-on to Creative Studio or as an open platform that can be accessed by a
variety of qualified encoders and decoders.

VitecEV is also showing prompting systems, including iPad-based units from Autocue, as well as Vinten’s Vantage lightweight robotic camera head.