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The future of television production?

During years of experience as a television director, Erik Hauters, owner of TinkerList, said he observed first hand the issues and frustrations that editors, creative writers, producers and directors experience. This gave way to TinkerList, an online unified platform for creative television makers, being demonstrated at IBC.

Hauters said he noticed that television teams were always working with many different types of software, and they end up with a pile-up of different files, versions and media content.

This makes it difficult to keep track of who is working on what, and the latest version of each script. Hauters claimed TinkerList solves this issue by providing an online environment that the entire team can work in at the same time, a complete workflow for the creation of a television show.

TinkerList also facilitates the transition to recording and broadcasting; via the API, content can be shared with any device in a studio environment and beyond.

TinkerList provides an app to push content to a tablet, held by the talkshow host, and the possibility to prepare content for a teleprompter. Any changes to the content in TinkerList are kept in sync with all of these devices.