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FreeStyle LEDs offer flexibility

The new Select FreeStyle line of portable LEDs can break out of their standard fixture housing for battery operated, hand-held shots or for building into sets. Weighing 3.5kg, and 5cm deep, the lights “are incredibly flexible. I’ve not seen LEDs like this, certainly not the level of design or colour management,” said one of the first users, John Schwartzman, ASC.

“The Select FreeStyles are lightweight, you can take the LED panel out of the fixture, hang it on a wall, lay it around the room. We have been running the Select FreeStyles through their paces believe me,” on the set of The Unicorn, currently in
post production.

The lights can operate between 2500K and 9900K, with full hue and saturation colour control, cinema gel pre-sets and RGB chromatic selection via the AC/DC Select 150W controller. It promises bright, soft light with continuous dimming from 100 per cent to 0 per cent on a linear or square curve without flicker at higher camera speeds or at varied shutter angles. There is no light level change when shifting from 2500K to 9900K, and the colour doesn’t change when the light levels rise or fall.