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Fraunhofer Digital Cinema Alliance: Mission to expand digital cinema possibilities

A new version of easyDCP software is being showcased at IBC, incorporating IMF capabilities.

The software suite, developed by the Fraunhofer IIS Department of Moving Picture Technologies, creates Digital Cinema Package (DCP) files suitable for all playback devices that work reliably on all digital cinema systems.The software was developed in order to ensure that digital film copies comply with the specifications of the DCI standard. It enables not only the largest studios, but also independent producers, individual filmmakers and film festivals to create their own digital cinema packages.

With the Interoperable Master Format (IMF) in the final steps of standardisation at SMPTE, Fraunhofer has developed full IMF functionality for easyDCP. This enables IMF master package creation, playback and transcoding in the familiar look and feel of easyDCP. The new version of easyDCP software showcased at IBC also comes with hybrid CPU/GPU JPEG 2000 coders and a significant extension to control subtitles.
Dr. Siegfried Foessel and Heiko Sparenberg of Fraunhofer IIS recently received the Joseph von Fraunhofer award for easyDCP, while the German Broadcast Motion Picture Society (FTKG) recently selected Dr. Foessel as its new president.

“While developing easyDCP, we really concentrated on keeping operation simple and clear,” said Dr. Foessel. “That’s a concept that users found persuasive. In very little time easyDCP became the market leader; more than 1,000 customers already use the software. Meanwhile large companies have started integrating easyDCP software into their products including Quantel, Drastic, and Blackmagic Design.”