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Four EYEs makes spectacle out of VR

The new nakedEYE s4 is an 8K VR camera system that delivers 6K after stitching and packs four camera modules into a small package.

Each sensor has a global shutter, and are frame-synchronised, recording to 12-bit CinemaDNG Raw. The total bandwidth is 1.4Gbps, delivered via IP, and Indiecam is working on real-time stitching.

The nakedEYE s4 will be available for rent in about a month, and for sale later this year.

It also now has a special version of nakedEYE that can do live streaming, which benefits from the fact that “our parallax is really low”, explained Indiecam CEO, Raphael Barth.

Also launched at IBC is the indieDICE 4K, a 2/3-inch 12G-SDI POV camera for broadcast and film production. The all-in-one unit can be fitted with a wide variety of lenses, and the single 12G-SDI cable delivers 4K 50/60p, while an additional output allows simultaneous 12G Raw recording for cinematic post processing.

It is larger than the tiny HD indieDICE, but Barth hopes to have smaller versions in 4K soon (they just won’t share the future potential of this 4K camera). There will also be a global shutter version.