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Flexible access via IP

The newest member of G&D’s KVM family is the DP Vision IP, an IP transmission-based

KVM extender, which the company said allows great flexibility and overcomes the existing spatial restrictions on bridging distances.

The DP Vision IP DisplayPort KVM extender system consists of a computer module and a workstation module and facilitates the remote operation of a computer. DisplayPort 1.1a image data is processed pixel-perfect and with great hand-eye co-ordination, G&D claimed.

The maximum image resolution corresponds to a pixel rate of up to 300Mpixel/s, while video resolution of up to 2,560 x 1,600 @ 60Hz or 3,840 x 2,160 @ 30Hz are possible. Transmission of compressed data is by Cat cabling via an IP-based network on Layer 3. Video, keyboard, mouse and control data are encrypted with AES-128.

The KVM over IP developed by G&D can be used with existing IP infrastructures and can be combined with other G&D devices, enabling complex installations to be IP accessible, the company said. It also benefits from what G&D claimed was a proven monitoring and

SNMP function, which facilitates continual monitoring of device status and sending of status notifications.