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Extra dimensional audio for VR

Creative VR and 360° content to demonstrate a true surround sound prototype solution designed for immersive content, including valuable feedback on subjective perception and experience acceptability, is an IBC highlight for b<>com.

This audio technology aims to bridge the critical gap for VR and 360 content, and to enable the creation of content and experiences which can truly be called ‘VR and 360’, from a surround standpoint.

The technology is based on sound field encoding into higher order ambisonics, and binaural rendering with head-tracking. Additional functionalities as well as new plug-ins are expected to be added to the audio suite to provide a complete audio workflow, form capturing to rendering, enabling the creation of truly immersive contents and experiences.

Also on show is a solution in an FPGA-based prototype version that performs real-time SDR-to-HDR up-conversion while preserving the artistic intent. This technology hopes to fill an industry gap and to make HDR a success, until native HDR content is more widely available.

The solution targets broadcast applications that mix SDR and HDR live sources, or convert legacy content to HDR. It also aims at facilitating live playout of SDR interstitials in an HDR programme and up-conversion of legacy channels to HDR.