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Expanding openGear options

A full range of openGear solutions are available and being showcased at IBC2015. Apantac said that the openGear platform, first introduced by Ross Video, is an ideal architecture for its products. The concept allows equipment users to install modular gear from several manufacturers in a single card tray, saving both rack space and money.

Thirteen openGear options are available from Apantac. These include the OG-MicroQ compact quad-split, the OG-MiniQ cascadable 4-input multiviewers, the OG-Micro4K 4K/UHD down converter, and the OG-MicroSingle SDI to HDMI converter with Tally and UMD, and several more.

Thomas Tang, president of Apantac, said, “The openGear program from Ross Video enables a higher density of Apantac solutions in a compact, cost-efficient space. This platform is a perfect fit for Apantac’s new solutions, which are modular and interoperable with other openGear products.”