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European Digital Cinema Forum: Coming to a screen near you

The global update by the European Digital Cinema Forum is a popular annual event at IBC. This year it takes place this afternoon, at 16:00. It is part of the IBC Big Screen Experience, and is free to all IBC attendees.

This year’s panel brings together a huge range of experience, from manufacturers, researchers and technologists to exhibitors, trade bodies and film festivals. They are coming together to talk about the real issues affecting the continued development of digital cinema delivery.

The digital transition gathered a huge momentum, and Hollywood studios are announcing their last ever celluloid releases. But is the digital transition complete, and if not, why not? How far has electronic delivery progressed?

Working in an IT world, we have to face IT timescales. What is the effect of old software on global operations? Are there barriers to upgrade if we have to keep many cinemas on legacy software? SMPTE has standardised an advanced DCP: are we about to see it deployed?

What are the next generation technologies? How, when and at what price will they be adopted? Will it need legislation to solve the loudness issue in cinemas? How can festivals cope with a plethora of commercial and home-grown delivery formats? How do we reliably measure and deliver consistency in screen brightness?

These are just a few of the issues facing an industry that has already gone through a revolution in less than a decade. Under the chairmanship of EDCF’s Dave Monk, a remarkable panel will consider all this and more. Your contributions are sought, too, so come to this free-to-attend EDCF Global D-Cinema Update and join in the debate, this afternoon at 16:00 in Room E102.