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DTVKit: Positive experience generates opportunities

Paul Martin is the CEO of Ocean Blue Software, which is a founding member of DTVKit, a new initiative designed to promote considerably lower costs, accelerated time to market and commercial quality software, making it easier, cheaper and faster to build both DVB and hybrid DVB/IP receivers.

“As a founding member of DTVKit, we look at how DTVKit is progressing and changing the way companies are able to access and develop DVB software using a collaborative approach,” said Martin.

“So far, Ocean Blue’s experience with DTVKit has been very positive,” he continued. “We are seeing the membership grow and this is generating significant opportunities for us. Our next challenge will be to manage the growth of Ocean Blue in order to maintain the high level of service we believe our customers deserve.”

DTVKit uses a single stack with a shared pool of software components, and can either be used to implement a receiver as a whole or members can select from the variety of software components available (including DVB Core, MHEG Engine, HbbTV Plug-In and CI+ Engine) and integrate them into existing solutions.

Since DTVKit’s official launch in March, the not-for-profit organisation says that it is attracting SoC vendors, OEMs, system integrators and set-top box manufacturers. Having already had over 100 check-ins from the growing community, DTVKit believes that it is living up to its expectation of developing a common framework that is rapidly enhancing the already mature software.

Having released V1.0.0 in May this year, the feedback from the community is that it is already of high commercial quality: the high standard of software is being maintained over time through a system of moderation and change control which will, it says, ensure that DTVKit remains a reliable source of software.