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DPP insert edit magic

As the world looks at that great British success story, the DPP, the manufacturing base has been rushing to gain AS-11 certification and break bogey issues like insert editing.

First strike on this technical mindbender has come from root 6 with an essence for essence extension to Content Agent. “We discovered some magic and go right into the MXF,” said product specialist Bill Baker.

“A long read of the AVC H.264 spec to check if it was possible to write our own H.264 analyser in order to verify the bit stream came first. We did our R&D and worked with world-renowned MXF experts,” he added.

When you hit ‘save my bacon’ time, you can go back to an Avid timeline, go back to the original sequence and maybe do a fix like correct spelling or remove an expletive.

“You would export to us your short fix, and we would do a quick transcode to make it an AS-11 compliant bit stream and we could drop that directly into your point in the file where you have that issue,” said Baker.

“We can do a like-for-like replacement of your problem on the master file. You could choose audio or video only. We start at zero and go right to the end of the file,” he added. “It is literally a direct essence change, and I cannot envisage anything in terms of video and audio problems that we could not fix.

“This is new technology and it is something we are open to understanding. It is all about proving the principle that scientifically and technically it is possible. Overall, DPP feedback has been great,” he concluded.