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DK-Technologies: Meter tweaked to retro-check loudness

The DK T7 audio, loudness and logging meter from DK-Technologies has been boosted by adding loudness automation. Based on SMPTE timecode, this can instantly recalculate the integrated loudness value up to four hours back in time. The company said the enhancement, free of charge to existing and future DK T7 users, would save audio engineers from having to re-run programme material to hit their loudness target value. “Every engineer working with broadcast audio knows that hitting the loudness measure bullseye can be a very tedious and time consuming process,” said Uffe Kjems, DK-Technologies’ product marketing director. “Loudness automation adds a cool and practical feature to the DK T7 — at no additional cost.” The DK T7 allows end-users to adapt to virtually any format including 3G SDI I/O. It offers 8 AES/EBU input/output channels, 2ch analogue input channels, headphone and HDMI monitor output.

A number of other new improvements have also been incorporated into the DK T7, including headphone volume control and more screen setup functions. It has also added USB mouse operation, allowing for fast onscreen access or operation with an external HDMI monitor.