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Convergence brings opportunities and challenges

Quickset is the ‘world’s only’ automated discovery, set-up and control software, according to developer Universal Electronics (UEI). The company claimed that its technology has made the universal remote control a simple and user-friendly way to manage the connected home. The set-up and control solution is now available as both QuickSet (embedded) and QuickSet Cloud and includes a range of new features including predictive engine, IP discovery and control.

Also being introduced at IBC is UEI’s new silicon solution specifically designed for remote control and smart home applications, supporting both ZigBee and BLE. The solution is said to pre-integrate all leading control and interaction applications, and comes with a suite of embedded support tools designed to reduce the efforts of system integration.

Menno Koopmans, senior SVP, subscription broadcasting, UEI, said: “As the broadcast and IT worlds continue to converge, the crossover may bring a host of opportunities to the market.

However, it also presents a number of challenges – particularly as today’s homes have become a hub for a complex collection of devices, each speaking its own language. We’re very confident that we’re in the perfect position to help guide customers through those challenges
and take back control of their environments.”