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Compact lightweight batteries launched

The compact new high load Beillen BL-R series battery pack is a lightweight design that is aimed at users of digital cinema camera, such as the Arri Alexa or Red cameras.

It has a built in D-tap connector for powering auxiliary accessories and a USB output, plus a 5-stage LED, and comes in two sizes, offering a maximum load of 180W/15A.

The Type I battery is 115mm high x 92mm wide x 68.5mm depth (and comes in 15A/180W 81.76Wh and 10A/120W 95.04Wh versions), while the Type II is 116.6mm x 93.5mm x 97.4mm, and are all 15A/180W, with 90.72Wh, 159.84Wh and 241.2Wh versions.

The V-lock mounted batteries weigh between 725g and 1.27kg for the different sizes.