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Cmotion: Lens data makes a splash in smart cworld

A new wireless interface that allows users to access and edit live lens data has been introduced by Cmotion: cworld allows Cmotion control units and web-enabled smart devices, such as iPhones and iPads, to be connected so that it can allow multiple users to access to lens and distance information, firmware updates, and user guides on a cvolution camin. It means that a director could remotely access the iris data and physically adjust the iris scale through their own smartphone, while other members of the crew view other readouts.

A €350 smart range finder application (cfinder) provides a wireless distance read out when cworld is connected directly to a measurement tool, such as cmotion’s cfinder, Arri’s UDM or Cinetape.

The €400 lens data and lens information package has two applications: clensdatabase and clensinfo. The first allows an operator to create detailed lens files for individual lenses and save them by lens name, serial number and owner. It also allows you to edit existing lens files, use them as a template to create new lens files, transfer files to and from cmotion’s cdisplay II, and to share them online. This lens data can also be used by cmotion to create precision engraved marker rings for your hand unit.

In clensinfo, users can display an animated depiction of the current lens. Each scale is clearly displayed together with depth of field. When used with the cfinder set up, the measured distance is also displayed.