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Cloud-based intercom goes wireless

A low cost, cloud-based intercom system that uses existing smartphones or computers as intercom stations has been introduced by Unity Intercom. “With Unity, it is now possible to have a complete intercom system for about the price of a couple of conventional belt packs,” claimed Ian Prowse, director of Vortex Communications, Unity’s European distributor.

Unity connects over WiFi or mobile network to a Mac running Unity Server. It provides multi-user Talk and Listen on multiple independent channels, as well as up to 64 independent programme audio feeds.

The client apps are free for iOS or Android devices and Mac or Windows computers, which then become networked wireless intercom stations. Users can work in either 4-wire (broadcast) or 2-wire (user to user) mode with a large Push-To-Talk button that can be momentary or latched.

Unity also displays camera On-Air Tally and integrates with hard-wired communication systems like Clear-Com or RTS.

Any number of clients can be included in a Unity Server system with the number of simultaneous connections being limited by the number of server-user licences purchased.

For smartphone users, there are a range of suitable headsets, including versions from Dave Clark optimised for Unity. Headsets can be cabled or connected using Bluetooth or the station can be used in hands-free
speaker mode.