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Classic cuts and perfect playback

Zetta 4.0 is expanding the feature set of the digital radio automation system at IBC2016. While Zetta has always been able to relay stretch and squeeze data for spot block lengths from the master to slave (split) stations, RCS said it now has the ability to provide reverse length information to the master station.

This means spot block sizing can be driven by the most sold out break, rather than just the size of the master log break.

As with prior configurations, Zetta will use its integrated tool sets to stretch, squeeze and fill across all affiliated breaks to ensure perfect spot break playback on all (master and split) station logs. Zetta2GO now incorporates more modules for use in remote environments.

The newly added Library module allows the user to browse the media assets of the system and associate them to a position in the log or on the Hot Key grid as needed.

Voice Tracking has also been enhanced to allow for adding beds or other assets to the voice track recording.