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ChyronHego delivers new tools for Paint and Shout

Version 6.0 of ChyronHego’s analysis and telestration toolset Paint has been launched, as well as a visualisation aid for the Shout social media application.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of sports broadcasters, Paint 6.0 now includes a Mac OS X version designed to run natively on the MacBook Pro.

A new movable players, or cut-out, effect within Paint 6.0 allows the commentator or operator to move players to different positions on the pitch or field. The players may be highlighted with a glow or removed from the field, and they can also be scaled in size.

In addition, Paint 6.0 includes an editable clip export feature that enables clips to be shared between Paint servers in an unflattened state. In this manner, users can pass clips between Paint servers while keeping all elements of the clip in an editable form.

In addition to standard effects, Paint 6.0 now supports more advanced in/out effects, such as scale in/out, extend along the stroke, and more.

Paint 6.0 is now shipping, and the Mac OS X version will be available in July.

ChyronHego’s social media editor Shout works with any of the company’s graphics systems, including the Lyric graphics creation and playout solution, to build online communities from Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Youtoo, and RSS feeds.

In addition, Mass Relevance subscribers can insert data streams directly into Shout.

Designed especially for Twitter, the new Shout Metrics extension normalises Twitter data for visualisation using ChyronHego’s Advanced Data Object.

By pointing and clicking, users can easily link the Twitter data to Lyric scenes to create graphs and charts without the need for scripting.

Now available, Shout Metrics will for example track the number of Tweets per second during a specific news segment, analyse an audience poll on a local or national political race, or a live sports event.

Users can also create customised manual campaigns outside of Twitter, using their own polling data to quickly visualise charts and graphs in real time.

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