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Choosing a look makes the grade

Creating a look in the days of film was simple. You picked a film stock, but the choice was limited. Today, ensuring that what the cinematographer wanted on set is what will emerge from the grading suite is more difficult. But Arri has
an answer.

“The Arri Look Library is a set of 87 looks in three intensities that are built into the camera in order to provide looks on set. It creates a really fast and fluid workflow into post and allows DoPs to influence the final look of the images,” explained Michael Jones, product manager, Alexa Mini.

“It makes it easier for the DoP to communicate their intention to the colourist,” added Milan Krsljanin, Arri’s director of group business development.

Pomfort (12.A38) has used the Arri SDK to create an iOS control app (via WiFi) for the Alexa and Amira range, and has added the Arri Look Library to make it simple to select a look. The Library is also available on an iOS app and as a physical swatch, with each look given a number, the same as selecting film stocks.

“You have productions that don’t go into colour grading, and for them it is a good way to add a look. It is very creative and surpasses what was available for film, by far,” said Krsljanin. It has all the looks familiar from film, such as bleach or day for night, and adds more designed by Arri’s senior colourist, such as looks from every decade.