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Broadpeak: Supporting a software-based approach

As well as demonstrating how its CDN and streaming server equipment can be used by content providers and operators to support new business models in today’s challenging multiscreen environment, Broadpeak will be showcasing what the company describes as a range of game-changing solutions that can be deployed in the network, in the home, or on the go.

Broadpeak says that it has always supported a software-based approach to video delivery, enabling operators to take advantage of the extensive benefits offered by virtualisation, such as CDN in the cloud, including decreased hardware costs, resource optimisation, increased flexibility, and so on.

Thus, a key demonstration in the network area of Broadpeak’s booth will be the company’s CDN in a box solution, which it claims dramatically simplifies the deployment of video streaming services by providing operators with comprehensive multiscreen technologies to support the delivery of live and VoD content to any screen in any format, including HEVC 4K; cloud PVR TV capabilities, enabling operators to offer start-over, time-shifting, and catch-up TV, as well as impulse recording, while only storing content once; high-performance unified streaming servers capable of streaming both RTSP and ABR formats from a single appliance, lowering OPEX; and the umbrellaCDN CDN selection tool, available both as a service and as a product, allowing content providers and operators to always choose the most adapted CDN to deliver their video content.