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Broad spectrum of broadcast systems

A fully-featured broadcast studio is being showcased within the united Russian stand, where several major broadcast vendors are represented.

BRAM Technologies (BRoadcast Automation Technologies) is showing its products for multichannel ingest, TV production, broadcast playout and archive here. One key product is AutoPlay software for broadcast in SD, HD, or UHD formats. The system provides 24/7/365 multichannel broadcasting with 100% redundancy and the ability to control studio equipment, said the company.

AutoPlay solutions are being demonstrated along with the company’s Azimuth video servers, which are the core elements of BRAM systems. Azimuth video servers work with multi-format content, providing transcoding.

AutoPlay systems are also based on the A-MAM distributed storage and media asset management system from BRAM Technologies. This provides multiple users access to media and operations, as well as manual and automatic control.

Specific BRAM products on display include the NewsHouse system for organising news production and playout, and the TimeRunner SE system for multichannel recording and slow motion replays of video for live sports and other content.