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BRAHMS makes connection:

Impressively mature after three years in development, the BRAHMS broadcast and HbbTV media server from IRT matches beautifully to developments in German TV at present. “HbbTV is very successful in Germany. We have about nine million connected devices in the market. Connection is the important thing and we think we have a connection rate of 50%,” said IRT spokesman Thomas Schierbaum.

“Catch-up TV is a very popular application, so all the service providers are offering this with electronic EPG. We have a new second screen app which combines with HbbTV and you can interact with things on that second screen,” he added.

One of the new things to spot in the BRAHMS stand demo presented by Ralph Zahnder (pictured) is support for stream events. Fire stream events will be particularly popular with advertising agencies and big brands, especially the power to vary the time periods.