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Blueshape: V-mount power for Flex4K

A V-mount battery adapter for Phantom Flex4K that has been approved by Vision Research has been introduced by Blueshape, along with a new high-rate discharge battery suitable for the camera.

“For the Phantom Flex4K to achieve its exceptional performance it requires a constant supply of high current from the connected battery, so the performance of the battery adapter plate and battery will be need to be exceptional too,” said Toni Lucatorto, cinema product manager, Vision Research.

“During the testing that we carried out, other V-plates failed due to arcing caused by the high current discharge with resulting damage to the battery contacts. Blueshape has designed and manufactured a battery plate to accommodate these demands and the result is extremely high quality and something we can all be proud of. I am excited about this new Blueshape adapter and recommend them in combination with their high performance batteries for our new Phantom Flex4k camera.”

The MVPHF adapter has a lateral D-Tap connector and can be fitted to the camera with four screws.

Blueshape has also developed a new Granite 14.8v battery, the BV270HD, to cope with the demands of the Flex4K.

It has a capacity of 18.0Ah, 266Wh, with a maximum discharge current of 12A, is shockproof and IP54 certified, and has two Auxiliary D-Taps providing up to 5A with independent overload protection.

It weighs 1.62kg and comes with a new enhanced contact protection insert, which makes it virtually impossible for a short between the terminals, for safer air transport. Its nickel-based Li-Ion chemistry and heat resistant layer offer improved internal safety, higher energy density, longer durability at higher loads and increased performance in low temperatures.