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Battery power, no charger necessary

Three new camera battery ranges have been introduced by Dynacore, including one that doesn’t need a charger.

The DM range of mini Lithium-ion 14.8V batteries come in V-mount or Anton Bauer-compatible Gold mount versions, and are smaller and lighter, for use on compact cameras, such as the Arri Alexa Mini or Red Scarlet. Capacity ranges from 95Wh and 130Wh to the 155Wh/10.5Ah DM-155S, which weighs 800g and can deliver a maximum output of 150W/12A.

The new high-powered 14.8V DN-310S battery offers 310Wh/21Ah, and is designed for larger digital cinema cameras that need a big current draw (220W/18A). There is also a 170Wh/14Ah version (DN-170S or DN-170A), with a maximum output of 180W/15A.

The new lineup also features batteries with built-in chargers (using Intelligent Microform Charger Technology), such as the 130Wh DS-130SI.

It means that when users need to travel light, there is no need to bring an extra charger for this V-mount 14.8V Lithium-ion battery, which has a built-in 5-LED energy status display, D-tap DC output, 5V/1A USB power output and weighs 1.15kg. There are also 95Wh and 150Wh versions, as well as Gold-mount variations.