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In Other News: Monitors, power + lenses

Marshall claims a first in on-camera monitors with HDMI loop-through; PAG racks up intelligent parallel charger and Red One battery; Angenieux boasts 3D lens success; Vocas introduces a PL-mount lens to M4/3 mount adapter

Marshall monitor makes HDMI go loopy

Marshall Electronics‘ latest 7-inch monitor is claimed to be the “world’s first camera-top field monitor with HDMI loop-through” avoiding the need for HDMI splitters, additional power sources and other requirements necessary to split the signal.

The V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT allows users to pass-through the HDMI video input to another monitor, or electronic viewfinder, for a client, director, focus puller or others to view on-location.

The monitor also includes composite and component inputs, adjustable backlight, HDMI Auto Colour Space and Ratio detect, manual gamma adjustment, Image Flip, pixel-to-pixel display, 1/4-inch mounting on all sides, and a robust power switch.

Other features include a wide variety of screen formats and markers, four user- configurable front panel function buttons, RGB Check Field / Field Detect, and RGB gain and bias control.

It also has False Colour (an exposure aid) and Peaking (for focusing), plus a new DSLR Ratio Adjustment feature for Canon DSLRs. This allows users to scale video that does not completely fill the monitor’s screen when connected via HDMI in Record mode on some Canon DSLRs – choosing between Normal, 3:2, 16:9, and Full Screen.

The $1,199 V-LCD70XP-HDMIPT has an 800×480 LCD panel and can be used with nine different battery configurations for mobile operation. This option provides flexibility when using different cameras. All battery configurations can be swapped by the end-user.

PAG racks up intelligent parallel charger

PAG has introduced a rack-mountable version of its high-power, simultaneous Cube charger.

The PAG RMC4X can be used to simultaneously fast-charge Li-Ion batteries manufactured by PAG, Sony or IDX, via four V-Mount or PAGlok battery mounts that connect to the charger via its four XLR-4 outputs.

The charger is designed for mounting in a half-width racking system. It measures 1U high and two units can be mounted side by side in a full-width 19-inch rack, using connecting plates, making it ideal for use in outside broadcast vehicles, or in a workshop.

There are two models, with either four V-Mount or four PAGlok connectors. The mounts incorporate a cable terminated with an XLR-4 connector. A bespoke mounting-board for the connectors, which enables them to be fitted vertically inside the OB vehicle, can also be supplied.

The four-channel RMC4X features PAG’s Intelligent Parallel Charging software, which uses current efficiently for fast, fully automatic charging. The high-power unit has an output of approximately 100W (6 amps at 16.8 volts). The 1.8kg RMC4X can also be used to sequentially charge the previous generation of PAG Li-Ion batteries and Ni-MH batteries manufactured by PAG and Sony. All stages of the charging process are indicated on the unit’s backlit LCD screen.

PAG has also recently released a version of its L95e battery, specifically for use with Red One cameras.

The L95e is a 14.8v 6.5Ah Li-Ion battery with a maximum continuous output current rated at 7 amps. The high-quality, low-cost, 95 Watt-hour V-mount L95e is suitable for use with a broad range of professional cameras, but the L95eR has been adapted to communicate with the Red One camera’s viewfinder data display, enabling users to monitor battery capacity (in percentage) whilst shooting. It is also possible to see an indication of remaining camera run-time on the battery’s built-in display.

The 750g L95eR will provide 1.25 hours of continuous run-time for the Red One camera alone, but two L95eR batteries can be combined, to provide extended run-time and a higher current-draw capability for the Red One, by using a new version of the PAG Power Plate dual battery mount. This new Power Plate includes the contacts that allow the capacity information to be communicated to the Red One viewfinder.

Angenieux boasts 3D lens success

Since its launch last year, sales of Angenieux’s 3D Ready Optimo DP Lens Package have grown at an increasing pace, which Thales Angenieux claims has helped to position it as the premier manufacturer of digital cinema lenses.

The Optimo 3D Ready Package is available in two versions: the 16-42 Optimo DP lens package or the 30-80 Optimo DP lens package. Both come in a customized compact carrying case.

The package includes specific features for 3D, such as factory matched zoom and focus scales, comparable optical quality and easily adjustable tracking to assure flawless performance.

To help ensure equivalent performance, the Optimo DP 30-80 and Optimo DP 16-42 lenses used for the 3D Ready Package are from the same production run. Then the specific characteristics of both pieces are matched to ensure comparable optical quality in focus, zoom range and tracking. Optimized for large sensor (32mm) digital cameras, the lenses have an aperture of T:2.8 and are claimed to deliver optical performance quality equal to prime lenses. The lenses are lightweight and compact, which is desirable for digital cinema applications, and are claimed to “deliver optimum price to performance value”.

Customers that have bought the Optimo 3D Ready Package include: Offhollywood Pictures, 21st Century Pictures, Element Technica, Indierentals, E3D Creative, Evergreen Films, TCS, Vision 3 Pace HD and Axis Film.

Vocas introduces PL to M4/3 adapter

Vocas Systems has released a lens mount adapter that will allow PL-mount lenses to be used on Micro 4/3 cameras, such as the Panasonic AG-AF101.

The new adapter comes with a 15mm support bracket for using the mount on a 15mm rails system, which is also produced by Vocas.