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Baton QC at Mediacorp

Mediacorp has expanded the scope of Interra Systems’ Baton QC system across its operations.

The Singapore-based broadcaster recently built a new campus to serve as a base for more than 2,500 staff members, and it’s using Baton QC to check content quality automatically, Baton+ to collect QC data analytics, and Baton Content Corrector (BCC) to fix audio loudness issues post QC.

“When Mediacorp moved to a new facility, we wanted to ramp up our quality control efforts and increase operational efficiency. After relying on Baton for several years, we knew that it would provide the reliability we need as well as support the additional features we were missing, such as audio loudness auto-correction and datacentric QC reports,” said Lim Siew Luan, AVP of technology support at Mediacorp.

“Since upgrading Baton, we now have the ability to check the content quality using a centralised QC system across multiple divisions for several hours of media content a day.”