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artec: Xentaurix addresses ratings analysis

Different departments in broadcast stations have demand for stream recording and ratings analysis. At IBC, artec is highlighting its Xentaurix storage and database analysis system.

“This is a very cost effective way for non-broadcast media corporations to enter the TV/video market,“ said artec CTO, Ingo Hoffmann. “Broadcasters become even more cost efficient.”

Xentaurix can record and replay “an unlimited number“ of TV/radio/video streams and connected metadata, handle its database, analyse and deliver content to users.

“One user may want to clarify if the aired advert has been distorted in transmission, while a different user is researching on how their company is mentioned in last evening’s talk shows. One person wants to edit and re-sell the last late night show, while another user is comparing viewers ratings of the prime time transmission against that of competition’s TV channels,” said Klaus Graumann, international sales manager, artec. “In the past, all this has been supported by different recording systems, all specialised for their purpose. Xentaurix can display a complete, different and optimised GUI to any of those users in the system. There is no more reason to record same things in different places.”