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Anova Pro is brighter, lighter and less expensive

The Anova Pro LED studio/location light is 42 per cent brighter than the Anova V2, but 25 per cent less expensive. It also benefits from revised electronics, a ten per cent weight reduction and revised yoke design.

Rod Aaron Gammons, MD, Rotolight, said: “We’ve added high speed flash sync, which isn’t only interesting for photographers, as it can be used to wirelessly trigger CineSFX, such as lightning effects. You can have up to 200 fixtures on set and can trigger effects in real time, wirelessly.”
CineSFX offers customisable lighting effects, such as strobe, fire, cycle, throb, police, TV, spin, weld, spark, film, neon and gunshot, and includes wired remote triggering or wireless control (WiFi models only), plus rolling shutter compensation.

It also has True Aperture Dimming, which calculates and displays the correct aperture (F-stop) for your subject at a given distance, eliminating the need for metering; and a Designer Fade mode for custom fades.

There is also a new accessories kit, including barn doors and IP67-rated flight case, as well as a Hollywood effects kit of ten filters, including diffusion and filters to enhance CineSFX.

Prices start at £999 for the (brighter) single colour (5600K – 86 TLCI) 51W unit, or £1,049 for the bi-colour (3150K-6300K) model – which is available with a Standard 50º beam angle or softer 110º Ultrawide. WiFi control will be available soon on Anova Pro Air models.