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Accelerated file transfer platform

Receiving its public announcement at IBC is FileTeleport, a File-Acceleration-as-a-Service managed platform from Net Insight. Developed using FileCatalyst, an accelerated file transfer solution created by Unlimi-Tech Software, the joint solution is claimed to provide significant acceleration of file transfers for broadcasters and content owners over managed media networks.

According to Net Insight, FileTeleport enables service providers to help broadcasters exchange file-based content quickly and efficiently using on-demand network capacity. Expanding on the concept of Net Insight’s Customer Provisioned Networks, application provisioned networks use software defined networking (SDN) technology to instantly provision on-demand network services. Through a self-service portal, content owners and broadcasters can exchange file-based content with guaranteed time of arrival and have the option to pay for higher speeds to match the urgency of the transfer.

Martin Karlsson, CTO and vice president product portfolio, at Net Insight, said, “Today more and more time sensitive media production is going file-based, and with this, the timely exchange of broadcast quality content is key. Expedited file transfers with guaranteed time of arrival using instant and on-demand network capacity is the solution. It gives broadcasters the predictability they need to focus on media production rather than content exchange and acquisition.”

FileTeleport integrates FileCatalyst software on Net Insight’s Nimbra platform to enable accelerated, reliable and secure file transfers. This, according to the company, eliminates the need for software installation and maintenance for broadcasters, and requires no IT environment for service providers to manage.