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Videomenthe releases new version of Eolementhe

Videomenthe has launched version two of its Eolementhe platform for processing media files in the cloud.

Videomenthe, which is also a distributor of transcoding, quality control, audio loudness correction, subtitling solutions, released Eolementh as a single multi-vendor environment, which features, Baton solutions from Interra Systems for file-based automated quality control, the WFS file-based workflow engine controlling ProMedia Carbon or ProMedia Xpress transcoding nodes from Harmonic, TITAN File from Ateme for transcoding and AudioTools Server from Minnetonka Audio for audio loudness correction and analysis. The Eolementhe portal can be accessed from anywhere, allowing transfer of media processed using Signiant’s Media Shuttle accelerated file transfer solution.

Several upgrades have been made to Eolementhe v2. The processing of files is carried out asynchronously for immediate access to the media, with files available as each one is processed. The progress of the tasks executed can be followed using the status window. Also with the aim of improving monitoring, the technical and editorial metadata are grouped together in a single file linked to the media for the duration of its duty cycle. The incorporation of an HTML5 player compatible with the VLC plug-in makes it possible to view video within the Eolementhe interface, for greater ease of use.

The new version of Eolementhe also incorporates the delivery of files to several object storage systems: Amazon S3, Microsoft Azure and OpenStack. The new features aim to level out peaks in workload, while speeding up the availability of the media files.

Originally developed for use as Software-as-a-Service in the cloud, Eolementhe is now available as a standalone. Its open API aids interoperability in automatic mode, allowing it to be integrated into a multiple architectures.

“Eolementhe is not a disruptive solution, but in fact an extension of the current workflow via a friendly, intuitive interface,” said Videomenthe CEO Muriel Le Bellac. “Our goal is to simplify and facilitate the work of media content users, but also to meet new needs linked to virtualisation, which has become a fact of life in our industry. To sum it up, Eolementhe is the user-friendly workflow creation portal aimed at all broadcasting professionals.”