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2wcom: Multiple monitoring made easy

The FM02 all-in-one FM receiver and a new system for single frequency network (SFN) FM networks have been launched by 2wcom.
2wcom said its FM02 receiver combines FM and RDS monitoring into a single unit to deliver multiple roles of demodulation, source-switching for FM backup, and FM/RDS parameter monitoring. As a demodulator, the FM02’s dual inputs can receive one FM signal for rebroadcasting and another for monitoring, or the same signal on both channels for a backup solution.

2wcom has also debuted a new system that provides assured μs-accurate synchronisation for implementing FM SFN networks within existing analogue transmission infrastructure. Distribution can be by E1, IP or satellite, and any one of the feeds can be selected for backup purposes, without affecting the synchronisation. It also offers automatic adjustment of runtime differences and jitter.

Also being showcased is the FlexDSR02+/FlexDSR04+ – IRD for audio contribution via satellite and IP. The compact 1U IRD unit features versatile inputs for up to four different programs with analogue or digital output, a full regional insert solution, SIRC for inband control via satellite, and automatic weight balancing of quality parameters and program source switching (satellite, IP-line, ASI, SD card) in case of failure.

It offers support for the latest codecs, inbuilt monitoring of operational parameters, and reliable hardware, easily upgradeable with software options.