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Feed Your Hunger for Sport

By Juliet Walker, chief marketing officer, Globecast

We’ve had a busy year! This includes being highly active across the sports market. We’re helping Amaury Sport Organisation (A.S.O.), owners and organisers of multiple globally renowned sports events, to create and share on-demand content using our Content Marketplace. A.S.O. organises 210 days of competition per year, with 90 events in 25 countries. Content is shared with A.S.O. customers including television channels, the wider media and also A.S.O for internal use. 

A.S.O has signed a multi-year agreement to use Content Marketplace, part of our Digital Media Hub. Using a specially designed website, material is easily transcoded to multiple formats and then clipped. File data can then be associated with the video: for example, scripts, cue sheets or a press kit. Access and rights management are also handled, via a simple user interface, with A.S.O able to see viewing statistics.  

For the 2019 Total Africa Cup of Nations, we supplied comprehensive contribution and distribution services, working with local partners. Both the opening match and the final were broadcast in 4K. Using our Content Marketplace VoD, content was prepared in multiple resolutions and stored for affiliates to use, increasing viewership and engagement and ROI. 

Further expanding our sports services, we’re introducing Globecast Managed Cloud Network at IBC2019. This is a response to pressures across the sports broadcasting market to be able to deliver specific/different feeds, cost-effectively, that affiliates can select rather than having to deliver all feeds to all affiliates. 

Globecast MCN allows multiple feeds to be distributed globally via the cloud. It means affiliates can air content specific to them without the additional cost of more fibre- or satellite-delivered content. As competitions move from location to location, Globecast MCN also provides a very simple way to deliver content without the need for onsite transmission logistics, with processing and management complexity handled in the cloud. 

We supply an end-to-end solution, including signal monitoring via dedicated 24×7 MCRs, content security and transport layers. This can include affiliate management via a Globecast-provided 24/7 helpdesk. Meanwhile, our cloud routing allows affiliates to request only the feed(s) they need, saving bandwidth costs.  

We, in partnership with multiple regional ad tech and ad service providers, will also highlight Server-Side Dynamic Ad Insertion (SSDAI), a monetisation solution that’s fully integrated into our TV Everywhere OTT video service. It allows customers to maximise OTT and linear channel revenues.