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Netflix leads the way in UK mobile viewing times

Platform saw the highest average viewing times during the month of March

Research from comScore has found that Netflix is the clear leader for app viewing times in the UK, with an average viewing time of 280 minutes per month for mobile users resulting in a total of 1.633 billion minutes.

According to data taken for March 2018, iPlayer saw an average viewing time of 188 minutes per month for a total of 1.218 billion minutes. Despite an average of 182 minutes per visitor, Sky generated a total of just 626 million minutes in the month. Meanwhile, for ITV Hub it was 214 average minutes per visitor for a total of 531 million minutes and for All 4, 141 minutes per visitor and a total of 226 million minutes.

While Netflix tops the pile in terms of viewing times, 6.5 million adults visited the BBC iPlayer app on either a smartphone or tablet, edging out Netflix which attracted 5.8 million (17 per cent of mobile internet users). Next were the Sky Go app (3.435 million), ITV Hub (2.487 million) and All 4 (1.6 million).

comScore said the demographic profile of app users might help explain the differences in usage, suggesting that Netflix app visitors tend to be younger than visitors to the traditional broadcaster TV apps and the service has a much younger profile than the total mobile app space.

It noted that 55 per cent of adult Netflix app users are aged under 35 compared with just 37 per cent of all app users. Comparatively, less than two-fifths of the adult audience for BBC iPlayer, Sky Go and ITV are aged 18-34 and they make up only 47 per cent of All 4’s mobile app users, which has the youngest profile of the traditional TV providers.