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Millennials still love Netflix

Streamer tops poll of most-positively talked about brands for second year running

Netflix is the most positively talked about brand among 18-34 year olds according to YouGov’s Millennial Rankings survey.

The streamer tops the annual poll for a second year running with a score of 77 per cent, followed by Spotify at 73 per cent and Apple (and Primark) at 71 per cent.

Other tech brands featured in the survey included Facebook with a score of 70 per cent, PlayStation with 69 per cent, and Apple iPhone which scored 69 per cent

“Netflix’s popularity shows no signs of abating,” said Michael Stacey, marketing insights manager, YouGov. “The streaming service continues to expand its offering, as well as investing in its own ‘Netflix originals’.

“By its very nature Netflix’s content invites discussion, and YouGov’s rankings show that the brand has certainly harnessed the power of word of mouth recommendations to gain a loyal following among a younger generation of viewers.”

Stacey also noted that although tech features prominently in the rankings, there is still a strong presence from ‘affordable brands’, such Primark, McDonalds and IKEA.